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Posted on 12-29-2016

Pain Management for the Back and Your Environment.

Being a Scottsdale Chiropractor, I see all kinds of patients that have neck or Lower back pain. You could say that is what we see the most of. Back Pain could come from many sources. It could come from a Car Accident or Sports Injury. There are all kinds of ways it could happen. Most people don't know it could come from our environments. I mean that your home or your work areas could be the culprit. Most of the Scottsdale Chiropractors understand that if you have an old bed that does not support you any more then that could be the culprit. If you have a bad couch that sinks when you sit on it that could be the culprit. Working around the house and yard work could be it. 

Does your work environment cause you to have pain? Is it your desk or the open window with the cold air coming in? These are just some of the reasons you could have neck or lower back pain. I hear most of my patients complain of something in the environment that may have caused their pain. In Scottsdale we have extreme heat. This Heat can manifest it's self into the muscles causing dryness and dehydration. This can cause tight muscles and sore joints. The cold can do the same causing constriction of the blood supply and allowing the joints to feel achy. Knowing your body and how it might react to this condition is the first line of defense.

 Dr. Evan Price has been treating these conditions for over 15 years. Price Chiropractic is located in Scottsdale, Az. where he treats most of his patients. There are different kinds of Scottsdale Chiropractors. Some never understand why their patients continue to have the same issues during certain times of the year. Dr. Evan Price has a been helping people understand the triggers for their pain. Dr. Evan Price takes a hard look at the whole person and does not focus only on the pain. Pain is only a symptom of the problem. Understanding what the problem is will help the patient avoid the triggers. Chronic problems can be stopped. Whether an exercise plan is in order or Chiropractic Treatments. Getting the patient on tract to knowing what the problem is and how it starts makes all the difference. Price Chiropractic is here to make it happen. A fresh start on getting the back pain to go away


The primary focus of chiropractic is simply to adjust the spine and remove those things which interfere with the body's natural normal healing ability.

Spinal adjustments to correct subluxations are what make chiropractic professionals unique in comparison with any other type of health care professional. The term "adjustment" refers to the specific force chiropractors apply to vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns or fail to function normally.

The objective of the chiropractic adjustment is to reduce the subluxation, which results in an increased range of motion, reduced nerve irritability, reduced muscle spasm, reduced pain and improved function.The chiropractic adjustment is a quick thrust applied to a vertebra for the purpose of correcting its position, movement or both. Adjustments are often accompanied by an audible release of gas in the spinal joints that sounds like a "crack." The sound sometimes surprises people the first time they get adjusted, but the sensation is usually relieving. Occasionally, minor discomfort is experienced, especially if the surrounding muscles are in spasm or the person tenses up during the chiropractic procedure. There are times when the audible "cracking" does not occur. This is often due to either significant muscle tightness or the person having a hard time relaxing during their adjustments. Some adjusting techniques are designed to move the spine in a way that does not produce the audible sound at all. Chiropractic is so much more than simply a means of relieving pain.

Ultimately, the goal of receiving adjustments should be to restore the body to its natural state of optimal health. In order to accomplish this, chiropractors can use and recommend a variety of natural healing methods, including adjustments, massage, trigger point therapy, nutrition, exercise rehabilitation, and counseling on lifestyle issues that impact your health. The primary focus is simply to remove those things which interfere with the body's natural normal healing ability.The adjustment of the spine is the primary objective of a chiropractor. There are some chiropractors who also adjust the extremities and use other forms of physiological therapeutics including the use of electrical stimulation, ultrasound, traction, neuromuscular re-education, and a variety of manual therapies.

Increasingly, chiropractors' offices are becoming full service wellness centers providing a variety of wellness services. A new trend that chiropractic wellness centers offer is wellness coaching. Some programs offer coaching at the wellness center, while others offer wellness coaching via telephone, email, or online instant messenger in an effort to make it more convenient. Chiropractic wellness centers may offer seminars in a variety of subjects such as spinal alignment, improved posture, and ergonomics, as well as programs on weight management, relaxation, smoking cessation, nutrition, and exercise. Some even offer pre- and post-natal healthy baby programs. The increasing number of chiropractic centers providing extensive wellness programs makes it convenient and affordable for just about anyone to adopt a wellness lifestyle. Chiropractors understand that within each of us is an innate wisdom or healthy energy that will express itself as perfect health and well-being if we allow it to. Therefore, the focus of chiropractic care is to remove any physiological blocks to the proper expression of the body's innate wisdom. Once these interferences are reduced, improved health is the natural consequence. Who wouldn't want that?



Dr. Evan R. Price, D.C. 


What is a "Healthy Spine"? 

Subluxation: when one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) move out of position and create pressure on, or irritate spinal nerves.

 The above image shows a subluxation to the left and a contrasting healthy spine on the right.  The subluxation is creating pressure on the discs between the vertebrae  which cushion your spine for everyday movements and most importantly, controlled falling (a.k.a. walking).  By adding this pressure, not only do the discs weaken over time and prevent your spine from optimum health, but vital nerves (which connect to your major organs)  may have additional unnecessary pressure as well.

To learn more about Spinal Subluxation, please visit our "contact us" page and complete the questionnaire.  Our friendly and knowledgeable  staff will gladly call you to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Price. 



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